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Botanically Dyed Silk Chiffon Ribbon
  • Botanically Dyed Silk Chiffon Ribbon

    Hand dyed, in small lots, using plant dyes to achieve beautiful, natural colours.


    Each lot is slightly different, due to the differences in plant materials and their growing conditions. Some irregularity in tone is normal, and part of the effect of the ribbon's unique colouring. I do my best to capture a reasonable reprentation of the colour but there is always some element of the kinetic vibrancy I miss in a photo.


    Chiffon is our lighter weight silk ribbon, as it is somewhat transparent, with a beautiful sheen.


    We offer two widths which are fun to use together or on their own.

    Widths: 1" and 2" though both are generally generously wider.  


    Seams are a bit unseemly in an airy ribbon floating in the breeze, so we use stardard bolt width.

    Length: 44"


    Colours, as pictured on spools, left to right:

    Mamie, Blush

    Eliza, True-Blue

    Hesperides, Golden-Ochre

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