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Dabbling Naturalist

          Handcrafted, Plant Inspired, Personal Care 


- Returning to our roots in our little farmhouse on its original homesteading foundations -

All the handmade products produced at Blue Moon Farm are made with

100% pure, natural ingredients, because what else would you want on your skin?

We attempt to source Canadian ingredients and raw materials as often as possible. 

When the percentage is high, we note it. Where we can we try to bolster our product’s

goodness with properties from nature’s plants.

Essential oils are used exclusively, both for scent and their applicable benefits.

- Enjoy! -




Choosing (some) natural products in your personal care routine can be another way to be aware, care for the environment and even to support local. Some ingredients are local, some from far off lands, but either way I try my best to make ethical and affordable choices because I believe everyone deserves real body care products at reasonable prices. 


How about trying real soap for hands and body? This might be the easiest change anyone could make, and it's so much better than anti-bacterial alternatives, for so many reasons. A good bar only takes a little care to keep it from becoming waterlogged and your skin will probably thank you. Does it clean you? Absolutely. What if you have sensitive skin? Soap may actually be better than cleansers. Try it. You will see. What about the harsh winter weather, especially here in Alberta? With our ultra-dry forced air and super sub-zero temperatures, most of us do need extra TLC. Goddess Butter is my favourite! 


Making personal care products from scratch is a nod to the past (near and dear roots of our farm) and a connection to nature through incorporating the healing powers of plants. There are many wonderful natural ingredients that come from tropical locations, and though I love many of these exotic ingredients, I make a point of trying to use as high a percentage of Canadian produced ingredients as possible, where I can. There are also many wonderful native botanicals growing here in Alberta, and plants I can grow in my garden, both of which I use regularly in these products! 

Note: Many products can be made on demand, meaning individualized scents and herbals. Soap requires approximately one month's curing time, so if you want something specific, keep that in mind! Also, I will make moisturizers on request, however they have a short shelf life and don't ship overly well. Please contact us with any questions you may have. 


Products with added herbal or botanical components are denoted with a Clean+Simple Herbals tag, just to let you know it’s extra special!

Details for each product can be found in the shop. Below is an overview.

Naturalist Products

Thyme Facial Care
Thyme Facial Soap, Thyme Facial Scrub, Toner

Cold Winter Care    

Calendula Salve, Cold Sore No More Lip Balm, Rescue Bath Salts, Goddess Butter

Couple's Care

Sensual Soak, Massage Oil, Goddess Butter, Malabar Orange Body Scrub

Bar Soap

Farm Fresh, Gardener's Chocolate Mint, Cedarwood Goat's Milk, and more, plus custom orders

For product details, including scents, please visit the shop! Or send us a note.

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