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Meet Us

So nice to meet you!

We are Jordan and Elfi Rose, a husband and wife team, owners and operators, farmers, and floral designers. Our farm is between Didsbury and Linden, in Mountain View County, about an hour north of Calgary, Alberta. 


As Farmer-Florists, we bring you our farm grown and arranged blooms with enthusiasm and attention. Our endeavours begin in the black earth of the prairie, and reflect best natural practices, using healthy, pesticide-free methods to grow the freshest, most beautiful, seasonal flowers. We are here to help you, and share our flowers.


We invite you to get to know the cycle of the seasons - when certain flowers bloom, what to look forward to, and how to make flowers and plants a part of your life throughout the year. We want to share this connection with nature and awareness of how seasonality is constantly adjusting. We believe it's what brings meaning and happiness!

It's our hope to inspire and enrich life with our flowers!

Stay in touch!

Elfi Rose & Jordan

Grown with love.

Love for the Moment. 

Love for people, community, the environment, and the future.


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Seasonal Flowers, Slow Flowers, Canadian Flowers, People from all backgrounds and walks of life, and  

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