Meet Us

We are Jordan and Elfi Rose, a husband and wife team, owners and operators, farmers, and designers. Our farm is between Didsbury and Linden, in Mountain View County, on the undulating prairie, about an hour north of Calgary, Alberta.

We serve the surrounding area; Olds to Calgary, and beyond.


As Farmer-Florists we find we complement each other and work well together. Our endeavours are based in the black earth of the prairie, with a natural approach, using healthy, pesticide-free methods; our community, in caring for the next generation; and of course in growing the freshest, most beautiful, seasonal flowers. For everyone who loves these things too, we bring you our locally grown and arranged blooms with enthusiasm and attention. We are always happy to help you and share our flowers.


The history of our farm undeniably extrapolates into our lives and work. Apart from the physical relationship we have with this spot, we also live in the house built to prove the original homestead in 1901. There were four families and four homesteads on our section, but ours is now the only remaining home and farmstead. It's easy to see a reflection of this old fashioned charm in what we do today on our quaint little farm.


Do we have favourite flowers? Sure! 

Jordan says roses are his favourite, and while I think that's sweet, (my namesake, plus we live in Wild Rose country) I'm often drawn to each of the different flowers and their elements as they emerge, loving different blooms for different uses and what meaning and charm they can bring to an arrangement.


It's our hope to inspire and enrich lives with our flowers!

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