Flower CSA

A flower subscription for yourself, or as a gift that keeps giving! 

Bouquet of flowers to pick up, weekly (at the farm, or at a pick-up point in the vicinity of subscribers)


(3 weeks: May 25, June 1&8) $60


(7 weeks: Half July, August, Early Sept) $140

(6 weeks*: Half July, August, Early Sept - opt out 1 week) $120

(5 weeks**: Half July, August, Early Sept - opt out 2 weeks) $100

An Arrangement, ready for display, delivered and replaced, weekly - no clean up, no hassle! 


(3 weeks: May 25, June 1&8)

Small     $120 

Medium $180

Large     $240




(7 weeks: Half July, August, Early Sept/ 6 Weeks*/ 5 Weeks**)

Small     $280 /$240 / $200

Medium $420 / $360 / $300

Large     $560 / $480 / $400


Multiple Bud Vase Subscription - Tailored to your needs based on multiple small vases - please enquire!


*Opt out one week of your choice

**Opt out two weeks of your choice

Flowers are taxable


CSA Information:


Communication is everything, right?! We will keep in touch weekly during your subscription, by email or text with news, questions, important information, reminders to pick-up and other tidbits. You as a member will also be the first to know about add-ons such as additional bouquet availability between regular subscription dates, fresh eggs, field ripened strawberries, herb bouquets, new potatoes etc. 


Pick-up is at the farm or at your pick-up point (to be determined after subscriptions purchased based on share member's location). Bouquets will be delivered Mondays by noon, or Tuesdays after a holiday weekend.

***Don't worry, we will supply a calendar and remind you once a pick up is ready!***

What's in my CSA Bouquet?

8 flowers or more, plus foliage, as the season permits, and some bouquets will be a smaller size, some will be larger, with the ebb and flow of the farm and the specialty nature of specific flowers. The flowers will be waiting for you in water, wrapped in compostable paper and jute, with a package of flower food tucked in! 


What's an Arrangement Subscription? 

This is a no hassle seasonal arrangement in a vase. It's delivered Monday (normally), picked up and replaced next week. No mess, just service. Minimum 8/16/24 stems by size.When we are flush with flowers your CSA arrangement will reflect that! 


What's a Small Table Multiple Arrangement Subscription? 

A collection of petite coordinated bud vase arrangements, perfect for restaurant, B&B/ small hotel. This can easily be customized. Delivered and picked-up. No mess or hassle. 


General Information: 

What if you have aversions or preferences? Or special requests? Let us know. We like to please and can probably accommodate! 

For 2020, we are trying opting out of a week, or two of a subscription. We know you often have plans and vacation in the summer, so we want to be accommodating! We are also trying to accommodate Mother Nature, which is why you may have noticed a range of dates that is longer than the subscription number of weeks/bouquets. We are just as impatient as you for Spring and then Summer to arrive, and will let you know as soon as we can deliver! This means we may begin earlier, or later to full fill your subscription.


We try our best to have ample every week, but realistically we may not, so to work around this we will communicate when we have a shortage, and either replace with another farm product, plan to double up during abundance, or add a week.

How to get the most out of your seasonal farm fresh goods? 

Keep it cool on the way home! Don't store it in the sun. 

Change water daily and recut stem ends every two days, if possible. 


Enjoy the moment. Fresh is fleeting.