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Bring Alberta's Seasonal Flowers into your life :

Order a wrapped Everlasting bouquet


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Plant inspired Facial Care, Skin Care,


and Handmade soap 


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Settling into Winter in Alberta!


Everlasting Blooms are those plants which dry very well, and their pretty features and colours are preserved. Everlasting flowers are a thoughtful gift from nature - providing lasting arrangements to get us through the dark, cold, snowy months.

What's great about dried flowers? They don't need any special care, they last all winter (or longer), and you can display them in ways fresh flowers can't be, while enjoying all the benefits of flowers in your home. This may not be as amazing as fresh flowers, but we believe they still make a difference. Plus this is a very earth-friendly flower choice for the winter months. 

Plant & Flower Skin Care created with the cold, dry weather of Alberta, and your comfort in mind. Our full line up has the basics for everyday cleansing and care, plus indulgent spa experience products. Everything we make is from natural ingredients.