It's Winter in Alberta!










Plant inspired Facial Care, Skin Care,

and Handmade soap 


(options from $2)





What better time than to rest, relax

and dream about the year ahead?

It's good for the body, mind and soul.

We are dreaming about the garden for next year, new plants, 

our favourites, and how it'll feel to stand amongst them in

the first rays of morning light. We're planning, and we are also resting up so we can fuel through the warmer days of Spring... 

If you're crushing on Summer,

indulge in flowers with our slideshow of sun kissed delights.

If you want something beautiful to look forward to, 

our flower subscription CSAs are also open.





In need of some Self Care? Our  Plant & Flower Skin Care  created with the cold, dry weather of Alberta, and your comfort in mind. Our full line up has the basics for everyday cleansing and care, plus indulgent spa experience products. Everything we make is from natural ingredients.