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Off-Season Needs

Generally our season runs from May Long Weekend, through until Labour Day.

Our season is short. We know. This is Alberta…! 

We also know you may need flower services outside of our season.

If you do, we have a couple of great options:


  • Our farm grown Everlasting Flowers (dried flowers), with which we can create lasting pieces, that can also withstand any outdoor temperatures, and take no special care


  • Or, if your order is large enough, we can bring in fresh flowers from warmer growing locations. We can source fresh flowers and foliage for you, often from as close as our neighbours in BC. We would love to say yes, even without our homegrown blooms, because we love designing that much.


Either way, we would be delighted to design for you!          


That said our blooms are seasonal, which is what makes them and our operation so special.

Get to Know

Everlasting Flowers: 


They don't need any special care, they last all winter (or longer), and you can display them in ways fresh flowers can't be, while enjoying all the benefits of flowers in your home. They're not as juicy as fresh flowers, but we believe they still make a big impact.


Plus this is a very earth-friendly flower choice for the winter months. 

Photo Credit, Photo 2 & 4, Megan Samms

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