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Botanically Dyed Cotton Ribbon
  • Botanically Dyed Cotton Ribbon

    Hand dyed, in small lots, using plant dyes to achieve beautiful, natural colours.


    Each lot is slightly different, due to the differences in plant materials and their growing conditions. Some irregularity in tone is normal, and part of the effect of the ribbon's unique colouring. 


    Cotton is both a textural and a vegan alternative to silk ribbon. Comparitively to silk, the fibres are thicker, and so more visible in texture. It moves well in the breeze, but somewhat differently than silk. These ribbons are made from a lightweight, undyed/unbleached broadcloth which adds some of it's own lovely, natural variation.  


    The weave of cotton is not as tight as silk, and for this reason dividing the ribon widthwise is not recommended.

    Width: 1" and 2" 


    Seams are a bit unseemly in an airy ribbon floating in the breeze, so we use stardard bolt width.

    Length: 42"


    Colours are listed left to right as in photo with the hanging ribbons:

    Denim, Lilac, Blush Light, Blush Deep, Peach, Apricot, Gold, Monk

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