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Seasonal, Beautiful, Local,

Fresh Cut Flowers


Grown with love. Love for the Moment. 

Love for people, community, the environment, and the future.


East of Didsbury, Alberta, Canada. 


Our Farm

Seasonal flowers from our gardens are a perfect match to our natural, romantic, and classic, yet contemporary style of arranging. Our materials are grown here on our farm so whatever's blooming now, is what's most beautiful, and available. 

Fresh Flower Season:


Dried Flower Season:


What we grow here,


at Blue Moon Farm,


we tend and nurture, as we do the soil, then we hope for kind weather, in order to bring you beautiful flowers!

Our approach to growing is from the ground up and full circle, using organic and some permaculture methods for success and for the earth.


Heritage, Cultivars, Hybrids

to satisfy all your floral needs and our hungry imaginations.


Growing the best flowers we can

in our short season.

Compost. No poisons.


Just weed,


and weed again.

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