Events, Small or Large

We would love to provide flowers, arrangements, or floral pieces for you - small, such as a bouquet, boutonnière, or corsage - or large, including services on similar scale to a wedding, and everything in between.


We encourage you to peruse our website for inspiration!


Some ideas include:

Bouquet, wrapped

Arrangement(s) of various sizes

Boutonnieres & Corsages, from $10 & $25

Floral Crowns, from $35


Table or mantle floral decor

Multiple table decor


Please call or email us to discuss seasonal flowers, colours, and other options, including pricing. We can accommodate even the tiniest order during our flower season, and although we strive to use the flowers we grow, we prefer local, or at least Canadian grown flowers. In the off-season if the order is large enough (and because we miss flowers and designing at that time of year), it is possible to order in.